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About Curtis Consulting

Founded in 1994, Curtis Consulting is an executive transition coaching and agency consultancy that has catapulted businesses and careers hundreds of senior executives. We focus on enabling the three most critical leadership transitions where coaching has the greatest impact:

  • Internal realignment and acceleration
  • External transition
  • New role, company, acquisition assimilation

Our personalized process begins by guiding clients through assessment-based inner work necessary for gaining crystal clarity about what they want and need to increase performance, satisfaction. This often means integration of skills, interests, values and experience that clients have never been able to pull together before.

We then help clients develop an equally clear outer or market-facing campaign leading directly to target resources, positions, capital, partners required to succeed.

This process is greatly expedited by Gordon Curtis’ Right Person Right Approach Method, written about in his book Well Connected, An Unconventional Approach to Genuine Effective Business Relationships. The method allows us to serve as agents, leveraging our own extensive network and those of our clients in an extremely efficient manner. The predictable results per networking meeting are in complete contrast to the random and poor results from traditional and electronic networking efforts.

The bottom line is that clients are able to articulate exactly what they need and want for success, and accomplish it in a fraction of the time if left to their own devices. Such results have allowed us to continue a record of 100% client referencability. During the exploration process with qualified prospective clients we begin by providing a list of 100+ recent clients from which they select references they relate to and indentify with most.