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About Well Connected

In today’s uncertain business environment, now more than ever, the best way to succeed is through partnerships—with colleagues, with vendors, with competitors, with anyone who might share a common goal and can help build mutual success. Such partnerships require strong, meaningful relationships. In other words, these relationships require that you become well connected.

Savvy executives who want to reach virtually any business goal-from raising capital to finding sales leads to finding the perfect job-know that networking is the key to their success. But traditional networking approaches--meet as many people as possible and amass huge numbers of "connections" and "friends" through your social media networks--rarely produce more than a handful of relationships that pay off.

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn how to achieve your goals by selectively engaging the right people and connecting well with them. Networking maven and coach Gordon Curtis explains that the secret to building truly effective, select relationships is to narrow—rather than widen—your network. His proven system for building key relationships, the Right-Person Right Approach method, delivers results every time: First, identify a "critical enabler," someone who has access to the knowledge and relationships you need and is inclined to help you; second, unlock the critical enabler's willingness and ability to provide what you need by offering her something valuable before you ask her or him for anything.

Filled with success stories, Well Connected provides an accessible playbook for sophisticated business people who know there's a better way to connect with the right people to get things done better and faster.