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"Gordon's Well Connected approach enabled me to 'cut to the chase' and get in front of the right people with the right approach, greatly accelerating the achievement of my business and career objectives. This book is a must read for anyone who doesn’t have the time to network the 'old way.'"

Robert Picardi, CEO, Raid, Inc.

"Having seen the Well Connected framework honed over many years and personally benefitting from its application, I would say this; If you want to turn your networking activities into a predictable process with measurable results far greater than the default, you must read Well Connected."

David Stone, CEO/co-founder, CashStar.com

"Gordon's Well Connected approach enabled us to connect our non-profit GiveUSYourPoor.org in deep, long-term ways to new board members, partners and funders that were passionate and perfect fits for our work. And it's easy to replicate!"

John McGah, Managing Director, GiveUsYourPoor.org

"The Well Connected approach taught me how to identify and engage empowered decision makers and motivate them to advance my project. I learned to develop valuable reciprocal relationships with people I never met, built on mutual benefit.. It sure beats collecting 'links,' 'friends' or 'followers' and praying the desired outcome will materialize from the masses."

Robert Schwartz, PhD. Leading Technology Equities Research Analyst

"Surviving – and thriving – as a leader in business is all about connecting with others. Well Connected is a well considered, practical book – and couldn’t be more timely. The case studies especially resonate and make this a useful and enjoyable read, something all too rare in business books."

Joe Knowles, Executive Director, The Institute for Health Metrics