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Gordon derives much of his energy from captivating audiences in an unusually engaging manner. Whether it be keynote, talk, webinar, or podcast Gordon quickly gets to the heart of participant’s immediate interests and concerns. Every participant walks away with a specific realization about how to apply the Well Connected approach to catapult an immediate situation or opportunity they are facing, now.

In group settings Gordon is known for stirring things up and stimulating participants to work alone and with others on a personal case. Doing so grounds the Well Connected framework and approach directly into their lives. The actionable results are immediate and measurable.

Gordon’s presentations are easily geared to the many business applications cited in Well Connected. Any organization whose purpose is in part or in whole to stimulate networking and value exchange among its members have invited Gordon to speak.

They include:

  • Professional Associations
  • Corporations
  • Universities
  • Alumni Associations
  • Social Networks
  • Religious Organizations

Inquiries should be directed to speaking@curtisconsulting.net