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What We Do

Tested and refined over 16 years and hundreds of client successes, we take clients through the Well Connected business and career acceleration process which rapidly enables new levels of performance and satisfaction. While intensely personalized, the steps generally are as follows:

  1. Mutual Due Diligence - Determine the fit through a series of preliminary discussions and rounds of coaching agreement drafts to guarantee a home run engagement measured by time-to-success and quality of success.

  2. Extreme Clarity - A series of assessments helping clients define, articulate, and test criteria, usually for the first time in clients lives, that points exactly to the right people, partners, employers, investors, acquirers,

  3. Success Requirements - Determine exactly what resources and relationships are necessary to achieve that success.

  4. The Right Person - Profile and target Well Connected critical enablers who possess the resources and relationships that could catapult clients toward their objectives

  5. The Right Approach - Facilitate and stage introductions to such critical enablers in the Well Connected progressively reciprocal approach yielding exponential mutual benefit and exchange.

  6. Decision Maker Results – Armed with the right referral(s) and the right intelligence, decision makers (hiring managers, investors, clients) are approached in a way that yields far greater “hit rates” than conventional approaches.

  7. Success Measures - Measure results against previously defined coaching agreement deliverables until success is achieved