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Enable building design with Matterport’s CAD file add-on.

Jumpstart workflows by obtaining quality as-built conditions faster than ever.

Simplify your CAD workflow.

With this service, teams are free from tedious manual work and can instead focus on achieving powerful business results. High-quality Matterport CAD files are generated hassle-free and affordably from the accurate point cloud in your digital twin. Download sample CAD files created for this space.

CAD - Days Not Weeks

Receive files in days, not weeks.

Whether you’ve been manually drawing models yourself or outsourcing to vendors to go onsite, Matterport streamlines your workflow to automatically generate and upload your CAD file in days with easy ordering and ready-to-use quality drawings without tedious vendor quality management.

Design files delivered faster than ever.

With a Professional subscription plan or higher, you can get your CAD files in as fast as 3 business days. Our versatile offering includes four different building element output options, ensuring flexibility and customization.

CAD - Architecture


This standard CAD file captures the fundamental components of the building's internal structure, including visible walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, bathroom fixtures, stairs, roofs.
CAD - Architecture Furniture

Architecture & Interior Furniture

View architecture and generic models of non-architectural features, such as visible desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seating, appliances, kitchen elements and some wall fixtures.
CAD - Architecture Electrical

Architecture & Electrical

Capture architecture and generic models of existing conditions, modeled to size, of interior architecture and electrical elements, including; power/data outlets, lighting fixtures/switches, alarms, etc., based on the scan point cloud.
CAD - Architecture Furniture Electrical

Architecture, Electrical & Interior Furniture

Get a comprehensive representation of all the elements of architecture, interior furniture, and electrical mentioned above.

How to order your CAD file:

Step 1

Create a digital twin of a space.

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Simplify and accelerate design workflows with Matterport's CAD file add-on

Great design and successful projects start with a solid foundation.  However, obtaining accurate drawings is often time-consuming and not scalable. With the Matterport CAD file add-on, you increase scalability by reducing documentation time through a one-click solution producing editable CAD drawings directly from Matterport digital twins.
Check out this webinar to learn everything you need to know about Matterport's CAD files add-on.

Ready to get started with Matterport CAD Files?

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