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At Matterport, we believe in the power of collaboration to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Our strategic partnerships with leading AI, IoT, and project management solutions enable us to deliver state-of-the-art spatial data solutions that empower businesses and organizations across the globe.

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“Working with Matterport, we’re now able to provide customers with seamless integration of their live IoT data into detailed, spatially-accurate digital twins. There’s an incredible opportunity for enterprise customers to embrace digital twins, especially those in manufacturing, energy, and smart building industries, to gain more insight into their operations while increasing efficiencies across the organization.”

Yasser Alsaied

Yasser Alsaied

Vice President | IoT, AWS

“Digital twins help the construction industry significantly address collaboration issues and information silos. Given that Matterport’s technology helps democratize the reality capture, creation, and use of 3D digital twins, we’re enthusiastic about how our partnership has grown. Matterport’s addition as a Premium Partner translates into a lot of value for our mutual customers.”

James Cook headshot

James Cook

Director – Industry & Technology Partnership | Autodesk Construction Solutions

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Matterport works seamlessly with the tools your team already uses. From construction project management to manufacturing and more, start streamlining your projects all in one place.

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Featured Partners:

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Autodesk Construction Cloud enables secure collaboration for project teams, ensuring efficient project delivery. Combined with Matterport's digital twin platform, customers gain valuable insights into job sites for early issue identification and informed decision-making.

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The AWS IoT TwinMaker and Matterport integration empowers customers to easily create digital twins of real-world systems. Together, customers can get an immersive 3D view of their systems and operations to optimize efficiency, increase production, and improve performance.

Apple partner card backgroundApple Text Logo


The Matterport app is available to more than a billion Apple users worldwide. A key component to bringing spaces online as 3D digital twins, the app seamlessly connects with a range of capture devices, from our high-end Pro Series cameras to the phone in your pocket.

Burns & McDonnell partner card backgroundBurns & McDonnell logo (white)

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell, an engineering, construction, and architecture firm, partners with Matterport to provide customers with 3D visual documentation of construction expansion and maintenance projects to improve operations, enhance collaboration, and increase safety.

Procore partner backgroundProcore logo (white)


Procore is a leading construction project management software that integrates with Matterport to offer a unified platform for project insights and collaboration. Customers can visualize their construction site with 3D context, improving communication and decision-making.

Treedis partner card backgroundTreedis logo (white)


Treedis and Matterport are leading the way in Industry 4.0 by combining advanced technologies like AR and VR training, improved safety measures, remote support for employees, collaboration tools, digital SOPs, and seamless integration with IoT into everyday work processes.

Additional Partners:

Additional Partners

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