3D Scanning for Insurance and Restoration.

Matterport delivers accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations. Save time, cut costs, and close claims much faster.

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Share 3D models with engineers, adjusters, builders, and policyholders.

Maximize revenue and speed up the process with accurate, thorough documentation.
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Accelerate restoration and renovation estimation with Matterport Property Intelligence

Time is critical for restoration and renovation service providers. They operate in hazardous environments, spending hours on manual measurements and repeatedly visiting the site. All the while prioritizing the restoration of homes and businesses without compromising documentation or incurring unnecessary expenses for rework. 
With Matterport’s new Property Intelligence feature, restoration contractors can easily and safely obtain automatically generated measurements, floor plans, and property reports, all within a few clicks.
Check out this webinar to learn more about this new feature.
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Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate®

An invaluable new tool to save time and money for insurance and restoration industries. A first-of-its-kind service, Matterport TruePlan™ generates SKX files in both floor plan and 3D views from Matterport models that can be easily imported into Xactimate® software.  Restoration contractors and insurance adjusters no longer need to manually measure and sketch properties to determine the value of the property loss, and estimate repair and rebuilding costs. Our turnkey TruePlan add-on service delivers an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX) within 48 hours of being ordered from the Matterport platform. 

The Matterport Advantage.

Our platform helps you reduce time spent in the field, rectify discrepancies in damage claims, and save time.

I&R - Accurate, updateable documentation

Accurate, updatable documentation throughout the insurance cycle.

Insure with the most comprehensive pre-loss asset documentation and risk management with the digital twin that allows for more informed and accurate underwriting practices.
- Reduce the initial risk of insuring a building and eliminating the need for physical reinspection.
- Unbeatable documentation accuracy for higher quality assessments compared to an outsourced inspection.
- Add policy and claims notes directly into the 3D model.
I&R - Highest accuracy

Highest accuracy for insurance carrier documentation.

Improving the thoroughness of records when processing claims reduces discrepancies and time lost resolving issues.
- Better accuracy reduces the claim cycle to create a better customer experience for policyholders.
- Increase operational transparency with the ability to share links of 3D spaces to different stakeholders.
- Boost adjuster speed and precision to review and navigate the loss remotely with exact property dimensions.
- Improve catastrophic (CAT) event response when in-house field adjusting teams are stretched thin. Tap into the Matterport Capture Services™ network, and help people return to their homes sooner and get businesses up and running faster.
I&R - Detailed and immersive

Detailed and immersive documentation for forensics professionals.

Capture a building or space exactly as is and gather the most accurate documentation and measurements possible. Matterport can help you provide indisputable evidence while reducing interruptions to restoration work.
- Create court-admissible documentation with scans that cannot be manipulated.
- Memorialize the scene and avoid scene spoilage.
- Bring the jury to the scene with 3D walkthroughs.
- Guarantee confidentiality and authenticity with face blurring and time stamps.
- Save time and improve accuracy with schematic floor plans and measurement tools.

Accurate claims documentation for home and business owners.

Property owners can document homes, businesses, or any assets with the Matterport true-to-life and comprehensive platform, and expedite any potential claims.
- Get a complete record of your property’s condition.
- Accurate inventory of personal items and other assets within your home or building.  
- Reduce discrepancies and disputes with insurance carriers.
- Speed up the entire claims process, reducing the need to provide documentation or receipts in some instances.

How Matterport is helping customers.

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For insurance & restoration professionals

Comprehensive documentation

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For insurance adjusters

Court-admissible documentation

It's easy to get started with 3D scanning.

Watch this video to learn how to start scanning small spaces, like the rooms in a residential property. Already have a 360 camera? Sign up for a free account and start scanning today! Learn more about compatible cameras.

We'll capture it for you.

Capture Services is ready to transform your property into a detailed digital twin, so you can access, manage, and promote your space any time, from anywhere. - 24-48 hour turnaround - Perfect for both small and large spaces - Affordable pricing across 700+ cities around the world

You’ll be in good company.

“We’re enhancing our current fire investigation services with the implementation of Matterport cameras and interactive 3D models of fire losses. Part of our strategic mission is to test technology and look for new tools that will enhance our work and bring more value to Donan’s clients. The Matterport technology achieves those goals.

John Stewart

John D. Stewart

Technical Fire Manager | Donan

“By sharing the Matterport 3D models with stakeholders, we’ve reduced the number of inquiries and disputes from insurance adjusters, building consultants, and owners. The 3D model provides everyone with a single, accurate source of documentation to reference throughout the restoration and claims processes, helping us serve more customers, faster.

Nick Hobbs

Nick Hobbs

Mitigation Manager | Dalworth Restoration