Matterport for Government.

With Matterport for Government, you can use any compatible camera to create interactive, photorealistic, dimensionally-accurate 3D models, hosted in a Federally-compliant cloud.

Federal Government

Matterport for Government provides a turnkey solution for federal agencies to assess, manage, and improve their spaces’ operating condition—all online.

Military and other government locations can be captured and rendered into a highly-functional digital twin in just a few hours, enabling federal agencies to gain deeper insights into their buildings. The result? Improved efficiency, collaboration, and, ultimately, mission effectiveness. 

State and Local Governments

From schools and universities to public utilities to health and safety institutions and beyond, agencies at state and local levels depend on reliable, efficient, and resilient built-world infrastructure. Matterport’s 3D models can be used across a facility’s life 
cycle from design and construction to ongoing management. Additionally, digital twins can be used to create simulated 
training environments, assist in planning and wayfinding 
during emergency situations, and promote/manage 
smart-city development.

The Matterport Advantage.

Upgrade your agency’s capabilities at every level by enabling your employees, contractors, and partner organizations to virtually collaborate within dimensionally-accurate digital twins of public sector spaces.

Government - Enhance Public Safety

Enhance Public Safety.

Public safety agencies, from local police and fire departments to federal intelligence agencies, can create complete, 3D representations of incident scenes to increase collaboration, streamline workflows, and improve physical security for both employees and communities alike.
- Reduce risk by spending less time on scene
- Minimize bias and human error
- Perform virtual training and enable greater collaboration within virtual spaces
- Capture as-builts and other documentation for pre-plans, code compliance, and wayfinding
- Incorporate into courtroom storytelling for 
more compelling evidence presentation 
for crime/fire scenes
- Comply with certification and agency standards (FedRAMP, etc.)
Government - Engage with citizens and community.

Engage with citizens and community.

The mission of federal civilian agencies and most state and local governments is to support citizens with information, services, and emergency response. Expanding a government program’s physical presence with a digital one broadens how these services can be offered and consumed.
- Offer virtual access of high-interest landmarks, venues, and historic sites, available 24/7/365
- Sustain continuity of operations during COVID, adverse weather conditions, or other disruptions 
- Expand accessibility to visitors as well as special-needs/handi-capable people 
Government - Improve facility management & operations.

Improve facility management & operations.

Matterport digital twins provide critical building intelligence, including measurements, dimensions, physical layout, real property locations, and other facility attributes that can decrease the cost of site surveying and as-built modeling by 80%. 
- Integrate with agency systems and programs of record—Matterport’s API/SDK enables direct interface to Maximo, SAP, and Archibus 
- Automate object recognition of real property asset types, and use Mattertags to label equipment for repairs, maintenance, and training
- Use 3D indoor mapping to train employees for wayfinding or orientation
- Optimize emergency planning and response to increase situational awareness for employees and first responders